About us:

Bloc By Block News: Maryland is a start-up, grant-funded project that’s reimagining local journalism. In January 2019 were granted funding from the Voqal Media Fund to build a website and a mobile app.

Since then, we’ve gathered a team of software engineers who are working to build the initial prototype version of Bloc By Block News: Maryland. Now we are growing and looking to add a Business Development Intern/Executive Assistant to help carry out essential functions.

You are an ideal candidate if you provide a spark of energy to small teams and like to keep everyone organized and motivated. Your role will include organizing the team calendar, Google drive folders, and Executive Director’s schedule. We hope to find someone who’ll play the role of team optimist and motivator, who can maximize our remote team’s time and talents to build Bloc By Block News: Maryland into a civic movement organization.

This position is valuable especially to the Administrative Team. Needs to be a self starter and self motivated. Experience using Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and virtual office applications like Slack, Trello and Loomio.

Responsibilities: 5-10 hours per week until October 2020

(40% of time) Scheduling Team and Executive Master Calendar

Regularly check-in via Slack, Email or phone. The ideal candidate enjoys organizing schedules and upkeeping the ‘ED’s weekly schedule/Team Calendar’ and hitting individual and team performance targets through essential task planning, individual and team correspondence, and scheduling check-ins (by phone/video call).

(10% of time) Liaise with Board and Team Members

You may interact with the team members and the board of directors. Duties can include scheduling board and team meetings, handling logistics of meetings, sending materials for review prior to the meetings, taking and distributing notes, fielding and responding to general queries. Also creating a regular dispatch of ‘Month-In-Review’ internal email updates for team and board members to keep abreast of progress and stay motivated.

(20% of time) Assist in Grant writing/Proofreading with the Executive Director, Deputy Director and Grant Specialist

You will be asked to contribute in grant writing sessions with the ED’s, DD’s  and Grant Specialist as they apply for funding awards and opportunities in 2020. Strong written and verbal communication is necessary. Proofreading experience is a bonus.

(10% of time) Assist in Event Planning and Execution

You will be a part of hosting in-person events at Maryland schools, libraries, community centers and public spaces that invite members of the public to reimagine, scale up, and increase their contributions to local journalism.  At these events you may be asked to prepare meeting materials, help host the conversation, take field notes, take photos, and help send out post-event correspondence. Public speaking and group discussion facilitation experience is a bonus but not necessary.

(20% of time) Assist in Marketing/Email Campaigns

You will be asked to help execute on early stage marketing campaigns and plan the  Summer and Fall/ 2020 for a big ticket campaigns crowd-funding campaign to be launched. Setup and organize Google Drive for Admin Team.


We prefer someone who lives on the East Coast or is reliable working on EST time zone.


Payment –  $400/mo for 5-10 hours weekly with; potential growth opportunity to increase hours in November 2020.

Apply by sending a completing the application form on our website before July 15, 2020.

Source: People’s Action