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John Christopher


First, sincere apologies for my insanely late reply. It’s a long story, but I ended up taking a job a couple states over while also applying to PhD programs out West. Life happened and I put everything non-essential on a back-burner while arranging the necessities. My PhD applications are finalized, I’m settled into the new living arrangements with job in-hand, and am now back up and running with this project. (Finally)

Second, thank you for the insights! I’ve been slowly dabbling in JS for the past few months, and am about to seriously jump into this now that my schedule is opening up again. For me, the web development aspects of this seem to balance equally with the social/statistical product that this would create. So while I learn JS, Node.js, and ReactJS, I would absolutely be down to discuss your experiences with the GSM communities and your expertise. Either here or via some other form of social media.

Similarly, I’d be happy to share some of my work. I’m currently constructing a Map (via Google) of the locations for LGBT equitable healthcare facilities. Linking to this data via Google Maps seems like the most intuitive route for the present.

Additionally, it seems natural to brainstorm the importance of information for the LGBTQ communities in choosing healthcare services. Depending on your time commitment and interest presently, discussing a 1000-mile analysis/road-map could be good.

Let me know if you’re still interested in this project. Apologies again for being so insanely late to reply.