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This is definitely a project I would have interest in, at the very least, giving input on.

I guess to give a quick rundown… I’m an expert C# developer with over ten years experience, and have touched on nearly every part of the .NET stack. Also advanced with Javascript including various frontend UI frameworks like knockoutjs. Also have experience in the health care field designing and building secure scaleable API-based applications.

When it comes to my engagement with the queer community… I went to Eastern Michigan University for psychology where my studies were focused on the topic of gender and sexual minorities. My goal was to be a social psychologist studying the various GSM communities. I’m passionate about social justice issues and building a more compassionate world. I’m a queer, genderqueer, relationship anarchist; a rabble rouser, a spiritual humanist, a burner, a hippie, and all around dismisser of absolutes. 🙂

As to what things I would end up recommending you learn for this project… That would be highly dependent on the talent pool that you can attract to support the needs of the application. FWIW, you can’t go wrong with focusing on learning javascript first and foremost, since you’d be learning a language that can be used as a basis for both frontend and backend application development. Within javascript, Node.js is a quite powerful and capable on the backend side if you aren’t able to bring in a person with an existing expertise in another language, and on the frontend ReactJS is currently the place to be for designing interactive web-based applications like what you are looking to develop.