Movement Politics Deputy Organizer

People’s Action Power is looking for Movement Politics Deputy Organizers now through November 3rd. If you are interested, please email your resume to with the subject like “Movement Politics Deputy Organizer Application”

About People’s Action POWER

People’s Action Institute (501c3), People’s Action (501c4) and sister organization People’s Action Power (PAC), are national progressive organizations supporting the mobilization and leadership of the grassroots in support of an agenda that reflects people over profits. People’s Action/Institute builds the power of poor and working people, in rural, suburban, and urban areas to win change through issue campaigns and elections.

With offices in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL and remote staff across the country, we support and advance state-based and national fights for progressive policies on the environment, decarceration, health care, economic security, housing, education, and more. Our member organizations, nearly 40 organizations across 28 states, improve lives by running  local- and state-level issue and electoral campaigns, leading statewide tables, and collectively come together to change  national policy and politics.

We have a track record of leadership in coordinating field mobilization and advocacy in advancing an array of issues at the local, state, and federal levels. Qur member organization have won important victories at the national, state, and local levels, including:  health insurance for millions and the reversal of  health care laws that discriminate based on citizenship, stopping Wall Street banks from selling predatory payday loans to their customers, and historic legislation like the Community Reinvestment Act to victory and the  creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

About the Movement Politics Program

People’s Action Power is building a powerful movement politics program to recruit, run and elect radical progressives into local and statewide offices across the country. Our focus is on electing women, people of color and low income people who are grounded in progressive movement building with our member organizations. We are running a scaled national distributed organizing program to elect leaders in our movement who can bring community activism to elected office, transforming our political system town by town and state by state.

We have an innovative model of phone banking that is proven 30X more effective than traditional models. This means that through our Deep Canvass program we know that we can not only Defeat Trump, but begin to heal America by reaching out to voters and engaging them around worldview on race and class.

What You’ll Do

  • Movement Politics Deputy Organizers will make volunteer recruitment calls for our national distributed organizing program. You’ll be calling thousands of progressive leaders across the country and inviting them to join our Deep Canvass program to contact voters in battleground states.
  • This position is part time for 25 hours a week on a fixed schedule: 6-9PM ET Mon-Fri, 12-5PM ET Saturdays and 2-7PM ET Sundays.

Ideal candidates will have…

  • A desire to learn and willingness to take feedback
  • Experience leading conversations with people that dig into their personal stake in winning a bold, progressive agenda that includes Medicare for All, Free College, a Green New Deal and a Homes Guarantee
  • Familiarity with a thrutalk dialer system
  • A commitment to defeating Trump while building the power of People’s Actions’ member organizations
    Status: Temporary through November 3rd 2020

Pay: $18/hr, 25 hours/week

Source: People’s Action